Pixar Rules of Story: Debrief!

A Total Gem - Inside Out Movie Review by BagoGames, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  BagoGames 

Well… That’s all Folks!

Okay, wrong animation studio, but that really is it for the Pixar Rules of Story series. It feels like a long time since we kicked it off all the way back HERE. I hope you have enjoyed working through them as much as I have. This was the second time I have worked through them in a forum setting and still found them useful to discuss and think about.

If there is one thing to say about these rules, however, it is that they are not really rules; but you knew that already didn’t you?


Like the Pirate Code, they are more like guidelines really. Like any supposed writing “rules” if you take them as gospel and try to write everything to fit all these rules (along with the hundreds of others you’ll find online and in writing textbooks) you’ll likely find yourself more restricted through trying to conform.

However, as a series of guides on various aspects of writing/screenwriting, I hope they have helped you figure out some problem you may have been having with a script or, perhaps, given you inspiration for a new story. Read them, examine them and use them to help you develop as a writer. Use the ones that you need to use for the story you are writing at the time. If one of your ideas doesn’t quite fit with a particular rule, forget about it, they are not a blueprint to writing the next great story, they are a guide to help you along the way. They are tools to help you think about writing.

It’s like the selection of drill bits I have at home. I have dozens of these little tools that largely have the same purpose (drill a hole), but you have to be selective and use the right one for the right job. Round pegs and square holes and all that – you get my drift!

So, go away (just for now, please make sure you come back at some time) and go and enjoy your writing, even if you never use one of these rules.

Maybe THAT should be the only rule about writing – make sure you enjoy it. Well, that and, write the best damn story you can.

Good luck and Keep Writing!

Oh… and just in case you have forgotten them all! (With thanks again to Emma Coates and Stephan Bugaj)



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