Star Trails


For various reasons I haven’t managed to post in just over a week so thought it was time to get something up! And what better than as astro picture?

I’ve been meaning to have a go at a STAR TRAIL picture for a while, but always find myself getting the scope set up when there is a clear night as they are so few and far between. However, having got my hand on a second camera to work with the scope, I thought I would have a go with my old camera while the new one was doing its thing with the scope. It is simply a collection of short exposures, layered together to show the changing position of the stars due to the rotation of the Earth.

And above is my first attempt.

It’s a fairly easy thing to do in all honesty. All you need is a camera, a sturdy tripod and a remote shutter cable that you can lock in place. I simply put the camera on the tripod, framed and focused the picture and then set the camera to take  continuous 30 second JPEG exposures. I used ISO800 and a fairly large aperture, but you can experiment with those to achieve your own desired effect. Using the remote cable, I locked the shutter release button down and let everything go.

360 exposures later I simply used STARTRAILS software to put it all together.

And I rather like the finished result. I will need to find some better foregrounds for future attempts and need to be a little tighter on the focusing, but not bad for my first attempt!

Have a go yourself – nice and easy – and let me know how you get on!


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