Song of the Sea (2014)


Song of the Sea (2014)

Written by Will Collins and Tomm Moore

Directed by Tomm Moore


Just a quick offering this week as I am still (mired) in the midst of NaNoWriMo and most of my writing time is given up to that. However, a few days ago I treated the kids (myself?) to Song of the Sea, an animated film about a young boy and his sister, who just so happens to also be a Selkie; a mythical creature that is a seal in water, but human on land. Together they race against time to lift curses, save the faerie folk and help their family come to terms with their heritage.

The film is from some of the same team that gave us The Secret of Kells (2009) another animated film that you really should see if you like a good story.

Song of the Sea is a wonderful experience. The animation is beautiful and traditional, the story is both heartbreaking and uplifting, scary and funny. The characters are a joy to spend time with and the story is simply, but powerful. And I think that is why we all enjoyed it so much – simplicity. The film goes to show that you don’t have to be complicated to be complex. A complex plot can be explained and delivered simply and, when you story is delivered through the eyes of two children, this works perfectly.

If you like animation, simple (but effective) story-telling and great writing/direction, then this is a film for you. I could imagine watching it a second time around simply to marvel at the drawing and images on screen. And, if you are in any doubt, it scores a very respectable 8.2 on the IMDB – “The greatest film of all Time” (if you know me, you know what that is) scores 8.3 – so you know what league we are playing in.

Highly recommended…

…especially as some light relief from meeting a NaNo target of 1,667 words a day!


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