Hi, I am a UK-based screenwriter by day and amateur Star Gazer by night. I’m a long time cogitator and only recently kick-started myself to actually put pen to paper and start writing.

I’m a lover of films (of course) and will watch pretty much anything. Some of my earliest memories of film come from watching old Black and White Sci-Fi Classics on the UK BBC2 Channel (we only had 3 TV Channels back then) in the evenings with my Dad. And it is a love that has developed over the years, so that I still enjoy watching, sharing and talking about films. Of course, now, I also like to write films and about them!

This love of films is something I enjoy sharing with the next generation as we watch together as a family. Old family classics through to the latest blockbusters, and I can’t wait until they are a bit older and can start exploring more of my favourites.

I was going to list some of those here but, like any film-fan, that is an almost never-ending and constantly-changing list, so I won’t bore you all. However, anyone who knows me will know that I will often tell people that 2001: A Space Odyssey is my favourite film of all time and, quite possibly, the greatest film ever made. So it should come as no surprise that I enjoy a good Sci-fi film (among other genres)!

I am lucky enough to have my own little cinema at home, funded from the sale of the motorbike that nearly killed me! That is where I enjoy most of my films and the kids love it! We have a 7ft screen, with an HD projector and 7.1 surround sound. It just about sits the four of us in comfort, so is very modest, but we all get a great kick out of it every time we fire it all up.

About a year ago I also finally got around to buying myself a telescope, something I had wanted to do for years, having always enjoyed looking up at night! Since starting astronomy I have enjoyed seeing some of the amazing sights that we often take for granted in more detail. The moon, for example, is a fantastic subject to behold through a telescope, even though we see it almost every night and largely take it for granted.

Naturally, seeing these things, I wanted to share them, so have slowly been learning how to take photos of the universe. It isn’t easy, and my first efforts aren’t great, but I’m getting better all the time and look forward to producing bigger and better images a I progress.

By day I work for the UK National Health Service in medical research, leading a team that approves medical research in the local health community.

I’m married with two great daughters.

You can find me on Twitter @markwalker_uk


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